Virtual CFO

A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) can be a huge determining factor in the success of your business. Apart from overseeing the entirety of your business’ financial situation, and assessing opportunities for growth, CFOs also evaluate cashflow and measure financial risks which leads to a successful business.

At Stafford Accounting, we believe this kind of expertise should be available to all business owners, not just large corporations. If your business isn’t large enough to employ a CFO, you can now think big by employing a ‘Virtual CFO’.

Steve Black can be your Virtual CFO and become part of the strategic team within your business. Along with expertise in educating directors, managers and staff through mentoring and coaching, he can also assist with financial and cashflow management.

Steve can supply management of taxation obligations, provide an upside to the value of your business both internally and externally, and develop robust business systems and processes.

A Virtual CFO is a proven efficient and cost-friendly option for small businesses because they gain the same level of financial advice only available through full-time internal CFOs. Talk with Steve about the effectiveness of a Virtual CFO, how your business can benefit, and the level of service you may need.


Give your business a professional edge.

Call Steve to discuss how your business could benefit from utilising a Virtual CFO